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I leave reading the latest hit publications to my other job, working for the divine Lisa H at the Novel Approach.  Over here at Insight Out! I like to skim back through the archives and pick up on all the tasty stuff I’ve missed through the years…And thank God I do, because I found this book and it changed everything!  I don’t pay much attention to covers or blurbs, I just scroll back through my tablet and see what’s hanging around, unread.  If I had read beforehand what this book is about, I may not have been so utterly shocked by what I found.  Admittedly, the title had me thinking this was about a large hirsute man, a smaller hirsute man and a twink in some crazy Goldilocks ménage situation.  How wrong can one man be?  Well for me, wrongness led to what can only be described as so impossibly right that it pretty much destroyed me.