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Well I’m sure most of you have sat inside with the curtains closed, clutching your lucky rabbit’s feet and staying far away from oncoming black cats, what with today being the most unlucky day of the year.  So if you’re at home and the smell of sage is clogging up your nostrils to ward off bad omens and you’re finding yourself at a loss, Insight Out! brings you a new feature.  Here we have a top-ten list of the books you should read when your own bad luck is getting you down.  At the end of the day, no one knows pain like a fictional homosexual, so take a look at my personally handpicked selection and bask in the fact that while you may have got caught in the rain with a defective umbrella and your cell just died, life as you know it will never compare to the sorry literary victims listed below.  Read them, and literally, weep!