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Due to some unforeseen technical difficulties, the penultimate post for my blog tour has changed venue…and wouldn’t you know it, I’m hosting myself 😛

So without further hesitation, let me introduce my MC, journalist Liam Adams, with another of his unique viewpoints on the genre we love so much.  Liam.  Over to you…



ImageThere are few things in my life that make me happy.  Writing, reading a good book, being marginally overweight and my insane love of country music to name a few.  So when I tweeted the talent Mr John Goode, author of the new Dreamspinner Press released novel Taking Chances, and he actually said yes to an interview, I added John-Goode-knowing-who-I-am to that list of happy-makers.  Within three hours of receiving my email, he had replied, and what follows documents the hilarity that is the inside of Mr. Goode’s mind.  Please enjoy it as much as I did, and if you’re any kind of fan-boy like me, you’ll need a cigarette and a cold shower afterwards too!  No?  Just me?  Naww, shucks.