My Maiden Voyage into the World of Blog Tours

Posted: August 10, 2014 in Uncategorized


Well, a week after the end of my first ever blog tour, promoting my new release – The Rainbow Connection: Volume I – and I wanted to post a few thoughts and thanks for all the people who made it possible and made it so very enjoyable.

Now it’s possible that I had this tour very easy.  My editor, the delightful Tina Marie, who works harder and gives more than anyone I’ve ever known, took the mantel as my marketing guru as well, which took all pressure off of me.  All I had to do was write the segments and Tina took care of the rest.

From our contact, I knew that there was a lot of work involved, particularly in booking slots for new, unknown authors.  With her experience on Dan Skinner’s “The Price of Dick” blog tour, Tina managed to secure me eight stops at eight of the best places any author could ask for, so, in order to hold up my end of the bargain, I produced six original essays written in the voice of my MC, Liam Adam’s, and two Q&As about myself as an author.  So with everything booked, and all the kindness and support, not only from Tina, but also from the wonderful people at these fantastic blogs, I set off on my first forray into the world of self-promotion.

I started my trip at GGR-Reviews, with the fantastic Scott Burkett allowing me to appear and get the wheels in motion.  I’ve been a huge fan of Scott’s blog for a long time, and to start here was truly a wonderful gift.  It made me feel like a part of the genre for real, and I hope to start all future tours right back with Scott and the boys at GGR. 

Day two saw me over at super-author Rhys Ford’s blog.  This was such a privilege, as not only am I a huge fan of Rhys’s work, but she came through at the 11th hour to fill in a space on my tour out of the goodness of her big, loving heart.  I will always be grateful to Rhys for her help and was blown away by the support of everyone who stopped by to wish me luck.

My contact for day three of my tour was the lovely Brandilyn Carpenter over at the Prism Book Alliance.  I have followed the PBA for a long time, and Brandilyn’s reviews in particular have always blown me away, so to get to stop by on this tour was completely breathtaking.  I introduced another of Liam’s rants here and the support and reception was unbelieveable.  Huge thanks again to everyone at PBA.

Day four was interesting, because this day was a day where I stopped at two different blogs.  It was very overwhelming and I had more than glass of wine to celebrate the kindness experienced on this day.  First up, Dannielle at Love Bytes posted part 3 of Liam’s essays (and I was so grateful as I know how incredibly busy this blog is and the complete high standard of established authors who stop there, so I was so awed to be included), then I nipped over to Hearts on Fire Reviews, where the delightful Lucy had me all set up for Liam’s candid views on the ‘gay-for-you’ trope.  This day was wonderful for me, and many wines and beers were consumed in revelling in this day.

Day five found me, misty eyed and a little hung over, racing over to meet the lovely unicorns at Boy Meets Boy, in particular the fabulous, generous and kind Ann, who helped me through another day by hosting my second Q&A stop on the tour.  Such mega thanks to the ladies at BMB for all the support and to everyone who stopped by and entered the giveaway.

As with most great things, there is usually a glitch in the system.  My heart went out on day six for the guys at MM Good Book Reviews, when poor Pixie’s computer gave up the ghost and the blog hit a small snag in their usually perfectly punctual routine.  I know the hazards of life with technology, so to avoid harassing them, I hosted myself here on IO for the.  Subsequently, MMGBR is back to it’s usual high-standard delivery, and they have since posted my tour stop, which I am eternally grateful for.

And to round it out, I wound up back home with the ladies (and Jordan) at the Novel Approach Reviews.  I reviewed there myself for nearly a year and have recently flown the coup to pursue my writing without entering the grey area of author-as-reviewer.  I wanted to finish here with TNA because I feel I’ll always end up back there, with Lisa, at the place I met my editor, with the ladies I think of as family.  This was a cracking day for me, and I remember being filld with such pride and satisfaction for being on the other side of the blog this time.

And that was my blog tour.  A fantastic, whirlwind travel through the coolest blogs in the M/M genre, and every step of the way I could not help but feel thankful and awed by what an amazingly supportive family we have all built here, together.  The links to the tour stops are included below in case you missed any of it.


Rhys Ford’s Blog

Prism Book Alliance

Love Bytes

Hearts on Fire Reviews

Boy Meets Boy Reviews

MM Good Book Reviews

The Novel Approach

And that was my tour.  A huge thank you to Tina Marie for making it all possible, for supporting me, helping me and being my friend.  Thank you to Scott, Rhys Ford, Brandilyn, Danielle, Lucy, Ann, Pixie and Lisa (my smishes are all for you).

Hope to see you again soon for another epic tour.

Stay tuned for more news about my work and my upcoming projects and thank you all for reading.

  1. Tina Marie says:

    You give me way too much credit my good friend. You did the heavy lifting, I just saw to the details. I would do it again and again for you. You have a long successful career ahead of you and you deserve every accolade that I am sure will come your way. It is an honor to be your friend and I look forward to the day when I can open a major magazine and read a review about your work and day… “I knew him when… ” I love you honey! xxxx and a couple of ooo, too!

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