Distant Rumblings – John Goode (Book #1 of the Lords of Arcadia Series)

Posted: August 23, 2013 in Book Review
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Best known for his Foster High series, John Goode has packed a severe wallop with his edgy word-roundhouse kicks that left us all a little teary eyed and spent after reading.  I rarely give an author’s second series a shot after reading something I love, but with Goode, I couldn’t resist.  From the title alone it’s impossible to ignore the overtones of what promises to be a romp that is out of this world and the man, as always, does not fail to deliver.

Set against the innocuous hippie backdrop of Athens, Iowa, where everyone makes their own clothes and name their offspring Liefe or Raine or some other poorly spelt nature name, Kane Vass is just a run of the mill gay kid.  With a rumour mill that moves quicker than twitter, Kane cannot for the life of him wonder why no one has commented on the new kid at school in all his hulking regal splendour.  Of course maybe no one can see him except Kane?  It doesn’t take three pages before I’m locked in, entranced and refusing to relent the book from my hand.

What transpires is a beautifully crafted, well planned, spotlessly timed fantasy drama that m/m fiction has never seen before.   Imagine all of the mythology you can fathom about ancient lands, fantasy beings and space and time travel, and then put a heart-warming gay love story at the centre of it.  It reeks of John Goode.  I happen to love that smell.

In a series of mind blowing twists and turns, some admirable word-play and a set of characters that have you pining for more, Distant Rumblings is the stuff that dreams are made of.  Though the story tells of how the planet Earth has forgotten magic, Goode takes a defibrillator to the chest of it, and brings it back tenfold as we follow Kane and Hawk in a race against time that spans the nine realms.  It’s part Bodysnatcher , part Princess Bride and part Lord of the Rings in a fun and fantastic frolic to the land of Faerth and back with a shape shifting cat and a talking gemstone as company.

I can’t implore you enough to read this series of books, as John Goode writes a world so unbearably awesome it even rivals Hogwarts.  I will be back to review the second in this series before long, which literally had me frothing at the loins, and after the release of his new Foster High tale 151 Days later this year, John will be working to bring us the third instalment of my new favourite fantasy series.

I will not ask again.  Buy the book from Harmony Ink Press here: http://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=3741

And read it and weep.  Like I did.  John Goode is Chinese (don’t ask).

  1. John Goode says:

    Choi choi choi

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