Love Comes in Darkness – Andrew Grey

Posted: August 20, 2013 in Book Review
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Michigan native Andrew Grey is prolific in the field of M/M Fiction, boasting a plethora of well written, approachable erotic novels.  This latest addition is right up there with the rest of them, as he takes a classic boy-meets-boy love story and moulds into something new and fresh.  To start with, our lead character, Howard, is a blind man who, in the opening of the book we find stranded without his cane by the side of the road, no clue where he is and on the back end of a breakup with the unbearable Cedric.  Promising start.  Introducing Gordy, his Knight in shining armour.  Brilliant addition.  Then his friends Ken and his mute partner Patrick arrive with their daughter Hannah, a leukaemia survivor. Ding-ding-ding!  Ladies and gentleman we have a winner!

What follows is a wonderful descriptive tale of life through the eyes of someone who cannot use his eyes.  It’s all textures and smells, and it doesn’t matter what people look like because Howard sees everything with his heart and his hands.

As the story progresses in heart-warming steps, you get the ominous feeling that something is remiss.  And you wouldn’t be wrong.  But Grey doesn’t simply lay it down flat for you, he chucks in a bunch of red herrings to throw you off the scent before the big unveil.  And there you are, completely thrown off kilter as much as our sightless protagonist.

The character progression is exquisite, the story is an emotional rollercoaster and the ending is everything we needed to hear.  Grey, in all his experience, has delivered yet again another astonishingly brave, erotic, and enjoyable volume to add to his oeuvre and I for one am thankful for that.

Love Comes in Darkness was published by Dreamspinner Press on August 9th 2013, and is available to purchase from the following link:

You can read more about his books from his website:

Or you can tweet him @andrewgreybooks

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