Blessed Curses – Madeleine Ribbon

Posted: August 14, 2013 in Book Review
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In a world where magic exists, Madeleine Ribbon has woven a beautiful love story that starts as a curse and slowly lifts to a blessing.  Blessed Curses is a novella from Dreampress that starts with a sandbox altercation between brothers, and results in David living his life inspiring fear in anyone who comes close to him.  And the curse will not lift, as all magicians in the Arcana are left baffled by the spell.

Reminiscent of Alice Hoffman’s early works, this is a wonderful tale of magic and mayhem, of love and loss and acceptance, and I couldn’t get enough.  As the curse is cast, we jump forward to Todd, the curing brother, and his wedding day, where David meets Vaughn, a magic enforcer who piques his interest.  This begins a slow burning flicker of hope in David, as Vaughn can withstand his curse for short periods of time, and they gradually get to spend more time together.

As an aside to the slow-burning love story, there is also a side story involving a troubled kid dealing with is magic, who serves to lead to an answer to David’s problems.

I loved these characters.  David was shy and endearing, Vaughn giving and passionate.  It really had me smiling as they grew to love one another and Vaughn’s sacrifice had me laughing and smiling at the vivid visuals that Ribbon offered.

It was a very individual story, and one I enjoyed immensely.  My only complaint would be that I didn’t want it to end. It was true and honest, and whilst based in the world of magic, the true magic was Ribbon’s depiction of the burgeoning love affair.  Two very enthusiastic thumbs up!

Blessed Curses is Madeleine Ribbon’s first novella on Dreamspinner press and is available here:

She is an established author of supernatural M/M fiction, with titles such as ‘Falling Out of Fate’, ‘White Knuckle Moments’, ‘Redbird Fires’ and ‘Faire Fugitive’  which you can find out more about from her website:


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