Superhero – Eli Easton

Posted: August 12, 2013 in Book Review
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I was first directed to this book by author Jeff Erno’s review of it on Goodreads.  And thank you Mr Erno indeed.  Turned out to be a cracking read!  It’s a pretty simple story, that starts in the sandbox and ends in a happy-ever-after.  It’s a funny and endearing tale of childhood buddies Jordan, a geeky, awkward comic book nerd, and Owen, the larger-than-life wrestling enthusiast, as they embark on a bromance to end all bromances.

The novella is written throughout stages in their friendship, starting in the playground and gradually, chronologically chronicling the evolution of Pin Man and Pencil Boy’s relationship into college.  Best of all, being a comic book geek myself, I enjoyed the intermittent references to their homemade comic book alter egos that, no matter what, always have each others back.   It’s another effective story, narrated by both characters, that is both sweet and appealing, never getting too carried away in the sexual side.

I loved the carefree narratives that Easton applied to the characters, and it rang totally true with me how the slow burning love affair started as a flame, and burst into a forest fire, one climactic, hormone-fuelled event at a time.  It tackles confusion, acceptance, friendship and love.  It covers high-school homophobia, parental confusion and the shit that goes with that.

In the end it’s the message of hope that springs from these well-written and approachable pages and it left me with a nice warm feeling when I closed it on its final page.  It’s light reading, not overwrought, and I think it would make a great all-age tale for anyone interested in youth M/M fiction.

Superhero was published on Harmony Ink Press, and is available to buy from their website.  Keep your eyes peeled for Easton’s upcoming novella, The Trouble with Tony, coming out on the 21st August, 2013.


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